Lester Lee Wooten

Our Wedding Day… November 11, 2005

When Kevin proposed to me this summer, he had already paid towards a cruise on Princess that goes to the Mexican Rivera leaving on November 12, 2005. He said he did it because it is a three day holiday weekend and so the Friday before was a Federal Holiday and would be a perfect day for our wedding. He did not realize that November 11th was my Fathers birthday (Veteran’s Day). At first, I was not sure if I liked that. My father died when I was a teenager and I have wished so many times that I had more time with him. After discussing it with my Mother, I decided it was a perfect day to get married. I love and miss him and we will all toast him on his 75th Birthday and every year after in remembrance of everything he did for me and all he taught me. I would not be who I am today if it wasn’t for him. Thank you Daddy, I love and miss you. I know you will be with me always… Julie


Kevin & Julie

Kevin & Julie... ‘The Bride and Groom’…  They were friends first!

Kevin and Julie have known each other since the early 90’s.  They met each other through a mutual friend that was an attorney for Hughes, Hubbard & Reid.  It was Julie’s attorney for her retail stores and Kevin was a consultant to the firm for tribal gaming.  Although they only ran into each other every now and then, they stayed in touch over the years.  In 1998, Kevin contacted Julie and asked if she could help him with a new Internet company he had set up and funded.  At first, Julie declined, but after Kevin didn’t give up for a few months, she finally gave in and accepted the position of Vice President.  They have worked together in business ever since and have kept that the priority although they became “Best Friends”.  That has now grown into much more and on November 11th they will become “Husband and Wife”.



Rainie…  The Princess Bridesmaid and Ring Bearer…

 “What Mommy and Kevin say about Rainie…”  

Rainie is our angel from heaven.  She is a blessing from God.  Without Rainie we would not be whole.  She is beautiful, smart and she loves God.  When she was a baby she would throw a tantrum and I would scold her, she would say, “But Mommy, I want to be nice!”  It would make me laugh every time.  When Rainie was just a baby, her Grammy brought in a clipping from the newspaper for a talent search for Hawaiian Tropic.  I didn’t want to take her, but my Mother insisted.  She said she knew Rainie would win.  My Mom has 10 Grandchildren so who was I to argue.   I did and she won state and I thought that would be the end of it, but it wasn’t.  She won nationally and then internationally and by the age of “1” Rainie’s beaming smile was in TV commercials and print ads all over the world.  About 2 years ago we were at a New Years Eve Party in New Mexico at the Country Club where Kevin’s father lives and Rainie decided that she wanted to sing.  I thought, “No way!”, but Kevin knew the band and told me to have faith.  She was wonderful and hasn’t stopped singing yet.  She performs for her school, church and anywhere else that she gets a chance.  Rainie, you never stop amazing us.  We are so proud of you.  We would not want anyone else to carry our ‘rings’.  We love you so much Pookie!  Mommy and Kevin


W. Dale Treider

W. Dale Treider... Father of the Groom...

"What Julie & Rainie say about Shirley and Dale…"

I never met Kevin’s Mother, Shirley, but all I have heard is good things about her.  She was a hard worker and put her family first.  I have seen pictures of her and she was very beautiful.  Dale smiles when ever he says her name.  I wish I would have gotten the chance to meet her in person.  I met Dale about 10 years ago when he was with Kevin in Los Angeles at my attorney’s law firm.  I knew even then by his smile what a ‘genuine’ person he is.  In 1998, I got a chance to work with him at ProfitScape (Kevin and Dale’s company) and he was always a very hard worker, steadfast and true.  An example for all to follow…  He is one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life and it is an honor to know him.  Dale, Rainie and I love you very much and you have shown that we can always depend on you.  You are always there for us.  You used to tell me that I am the daughter you never had and it will be an honor to now be that in reality.  Grandpa Dale/ DAD we love you!  Thank you for being there for us through the years.  Julie & Rainie


Veda D. Wooten

Veda D. Wooten…  Mother of the Bride…

"What Kevin says about Veda…"

Julie’s Mother, Veda, without question, is totally dedicated to her family. She gives of all of her time and blessings to her children and their children and their children's children... in fact I don't know when she ever spends time for herself!   Having raised six children is more than a full time job, and she continually watches over, helps, advises and cares about each family member with boundless energy and joy. Now listen to this! She has ten grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Her dedication is only surpassed by her loyalty to her family… anyone who knows Veda sees her joy through the smiles of her family, who know she is always there for them. She lives for her family, and her selfless dedication is a testimony to me and all that know her. I greatly appreciate her dedication here at the office and her clockwork dependability… its highly appreciated, noticed and has made a difference. I respect and honor her character and commitment to family and her extreme professional work ethic. I thank her and love her.  Kevin

Kim Doyle

Kim Doyle... The Matron of Honor...

"What Julie says about Kim…"

I met Kim in Middle school when I moved to Newport Beach, CA in the late ‘70’s.  We were instantly best friends and inseparable.  I moved away in high school, but managed to see her as much as possible.  We both got married and didn’t see each other for a few years.  In the late 90’s, I was in California and stopped by her parent’s home.  She had just gotten there herself from Albuquerque, NM (if you can believe that, the same place my future husband is from)…  She had just left her husband and had moved back to California…  We have been through a lot with each other including bad relationships, parents and siblings, children and now old age is just around the corner.  She is always there for me…  Kim, you are my best ‘girlfriend’ and I love you.  Thank you for all of your help with the wedding.  Julie


Lola…  The ‘Flower Girl’...

"What Kevin, Julie & Rainie say about Lola…"

We met Lola over two years ago.  She enchanted us immediately with her smile.  It is very apparent how much time and energy Kelly and Patrick put into her care.  She is a beautiful child that warms the heart of anyone she meets.  We tell Patrick all the time that she should be in ‘Show Business’, but he wants her to stay the way she is and to anyone that meets her it is very obvious why.  Lola, you are sweet and beautiful.  The best of both of your parents rolled into one.  Don’t let anyone ever change you.  Thank you for being our ‘Flower Girl’.  Rainie is so excited that you are part of the wedding!  Love – Kevin, Julie & Rainie